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Profile: Naomi Watts

Brief Fact File:
Date Of Birth: 28th September 1968
Hair Color:
5' 5"

Breakout Film:
Mulholland Dr. [DVD] (2001)
Originally conceived as a TV series, this thriller from David Lynch is sure to mystify and enthrall viewers at the same time. The three principal characters, whose stories eventually intersect, are Laura Elena Harring, an amnesiac who has escaped a fiery car crash; Naomi Watts, a blonde wannabe actress newly arrived in Los Angeles; and Justin Theroux, a promising young director strong-armed by his producers into casting a particular actress in his new movie. Ann Miller, Dan Hedaya, Robert Forster also star. 147 min.

Signature Film:
King Kong (Deluxe Extended Edition) [DVD] (2005)

Peter Jackson's ambitious remake of the horror classic follows fledgling actress Ann Darrow (Naomi Watts) and screenwriter Jack Driscoll (Adrien Brody) as they join shady filmmaker Carl Denham's (Jack Black) latest project, only to find themselves on a dangerous trek to a mythical island populated by wild natives, prehistoric beasts, and a giant ape who becomes infatuated with the movie's comely star. With Colin Hanks, Kyle Chandler, Thomas Kretschmann, and Andy Serkis as Kong and Lumpy the cook. Extended edition; 3 1/3 hrs.

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Naomi Watts Featured Movies:
Ned Kelly (2003)
King Kong (2005)

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